UniFi TM FREE Online Registration Promotion

UniFi TM is a high speed Internet broadband service by TM- Telekom Malaysia. It is based on the latest fiber optic (fully digital) and Very High Speed DSL (VHDSL) technologies.

The name TM UniFi symbolizes oneness (Uni) and fiber optic (Fi).

It also signifies the ALL-IN-ONE price offered:

  • the High Speed Internet service of up to 20Mbps
  • together with Internet Protocol TV (IPTV)
  • as well as Voice (telephony) service

Need for speed? Then TM UniFi is the best choice you have. The fastest package available for TM Streamyx (also by Telekom Malaysia) is 4Mbps but with UniFi, you will get:

  • a fast download of 100MB file within 3 minutes with subscription to VIP 5 Package (5Mbps), or
  • a better deal of approximately 40 seconds of 100MB data downloading (VIP 20 Package)

There are 3 different packages offered for Home and Business:

  • 5Mbps
  • 10Mbps
  • 20Mbps

With the same upload and download speed! Time saving and productivity increased.

All the TM UniFi Home packages come with TM Fixed line telephone. However, there is no TM fixed line rental fee. Both services are applicable for a single monthly fee and you can enjoy Call Plan rates as below:

  • As Low As 10 sen/minute to All Mobile Lines!

UniFi TM Promotion and Why Register TM UniFi with us?

You will get the same features that TM Point provides if you register TM UniFi with us.

  • FREE UniFi registration. Free Installation ( worth RM 200 ) and FREE equipment worth RM 800. Limited Time Offer!
  • Zero upfront payment. ( No Deposit Required )
  • Same features as advertised.
  • Every registration will be provided 1 new fixed line telephone. Home user can enjoy unlimited nationwide call to TM Lines.
  • The first bill will include 2 months subscription fee (current & subsequent month)
    payable upfront (same as TMPoint).

In addition to all the above, when you register with us you will enjoy:

  • Time and cost saving (no parking & no petrol) No need to queue at TM Point.
    Just focus on your daily business. Let us do it for you!
  • Apply anytime, anywhere (from the comfort of your bed even!) our system open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Same day application process (if your document is complete).

TM UniFi - The Best Broadband In Malaysia

Businesses Adore TM Unifi Business Package!

If you are a business owner, you are going to love how many different options and goodies TM UniFi has to offer. Every TM UniFi business package comes with unlimited download, so no matter what your company might need to do, you will always be able to download the supplies in order to do it. They also come with a free website, customized business name, and free hosting.

TM UniFi also comes with technology that allows you to have real-time monitoring of your company’s inventory, sales, and more. The packages at UniFi come specially geared for companies that want to have high levels of sales, and the additional marketing programs that come with TM UniFi business registration help open companies up to new geographical locations.

CRM software, accounting aids, and supply chain programs are among the hosted applications that TM UniFi registered businesses can enjoy. Best of all, the most inexpensive package for businesses only costs RM199 per month.