Unifi TM – Fastest High Speed Broadband

More than 200,000 subscribe Unifi!

Unifi Gives People The Flexibility They Want

People who are searching for a broadband service for their home use love the many different options that Unifi offers, as well as the many different free goodies that comes with Unifi registration. Every Unifi personal package comes with free goodies, including a wireless router and a cordless phone.

Even the most basic package has a lot to offer customers in terms of usage. For only RM149 per month, users can get 60 GB of downloads per month ( currently unlimited ), Internet Protocol TV channels, unlimited phone calls, and a download speed of 5 Mbps.

If you want a faster broadband connection, then there are two other packages that give you a speed of 10 Mbps and 20 Mbps respectively. Each package offers you more data, more speed, and more quality service.

Best of all, every home Unifi customer gets Unlimited Phone Calls to TM fixed lines and  free access to HyppTV, complete with free TV channels, interactive channels, and the option of including premium channels to your package.

Businesses Adore Unifi!

If you are a business owner, you are going to love how many different options and goodies Unifi has to offer. Every Unifi business package comes with unlimited download, so no matter what your company might need to do, you will always be able to download the supplies in order to do it. They also come with a free website, customized business name, and free hosting.

Unifi also comes with technology that allows you to have real-time monitoring of your company’s inventory, sales, and more. The packages at Unifi come specially geared for companies that want to have high levels of sales, and the additional marketing programs that come with Unifi business registration help open companies up to new geographical locations.

CRM software, accounting aids, and supply chain programs are among the hosted applications that Unifi registered businesses can enjoy. Best of all, the most inexpensive package for businesses only costs RM199 per month.

Why Register With Unifi?

Most people choose to register Unifi broadband for their homes and companies because it’s affordable, offers a slew of different useful services, and also comes with the great service that customers have grown to expect from a great company. With Unifi package with internet, video, and phone, you will be able to get the best service, no waiting in line, and no worries about the quality of your broadband connection.

Every Unifi registration comes with free installation and equipment, worth RM 1000 for a limited time.

TM and Unifi are currently having their free installation promotion ready for new customers to take advantage of. If you want to get the best value you possibly can, it’s time to switch your broadband to Unifi.

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